A few moons ago, my career started all thanks to the Royal Society of Arts when I won their award for packaging design. This led to a short work placement at John Lewis – a shock to the system having to be fully suited and booted straight after university. However, it seemed to go well, lasting 8 years. I was even afforded the opportunity to join the very same RSA judging panel representing The Partnership as a sponsor. It was a great time to join the business as it grew into the confident brand it is today. We designed everything from their first home catalogues to Waitrose packaging. But, despite the profit share bonuses, 25% discount and Partners’ dining room (roast lunch £1.19), it was time to leave. This was partially because I'd gained a stone in weight (puddings 19p), but mainly to broaden my career and client experience. 

After some agency hopping, experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly (mentioning no names, it's a small world), a fantastic opportunity was proposed: “Help build a retail focussed team within Tag Worldwide.” Starting with a team of 5 in 2010, we quickly grew to become a busy studio with pitch wins and helped to grow existing accounts. We create everything from impactful retail campaigns to product launches, pitch-winning presentations and global POS toolkits.  


If the luxury of spare time does rear its unlikely head, I quite like to dabble in some modern calligraphy. Having obsessed over calligrapher's work on Pinterest, I decided to try my hand at learning this new skill. Practice is the only way to improve, but a 2 hour workshop with London Calligraphy added much needed discipline to my workings. More recently, I converted over to the iPad Pro and Pencil, which dramatically increased my practice time. It also unlocked my inner illustrator skills and enabled me to create the examples above. To see more, click on the Instagram icon below.